EPOS-IT Workshop “NITRO – North-Eastern Italy Thrust Fault Observatory”

27 November 2020

Coordinator: National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics

Partners: University of Trieste


The NITRO- North-Eastern Italy Thrust Fault Observatory is  a NFO proposal in the North East Italy promoted by OGS and University of Trieste and it would be focused on the 1976 Friuli earthquake area. Since then, seismological and geodetic networks have been installed there and today NE Italy offers a unique opportunity to study mechanisms of seismicity and deformation. The NFO will be set at the junction between Alps and Dinarides, and with its thrust systems would also integrate the normal and strike-slip faults NFOs in Italy.

The workshop has been organized by OGS and University of Trieste and it will include presentations on the current NFO in Italy (Alto Tiberina fault Observatory and Irpinia Fault System) and open discussion on acquisition, storage and distribution of multidisciplinary data. The open discussion among participants will bring different expertise, experience and questions.

Coordinator: OGS 
Partner: Università di Trieste

Time and Location

The workshop will take place on November 27 2020 and will be delivered as an ONLINE EVENT for remote participation due to the COVID-19 measures enforced by Italian government.

Registration and Access

Access to workshop is granted previous user registration. After registration, the user will have full access to online sessions, the discussion forums and the data sharing area.

You can register or login here.


The workshop will be held in Italian. All the participant are encouraged to participate at the Round Table.

Friday, 27
November 2020