Perspectives towards a Central and South-Eastern - European Partner Facility for Solid Earth Science

A Virtual Conference to promote actions in the framework of the CEI “Trieste Declaration on Science”

The main purpose of this Virtual Conference, as also indicated in the project fiche, is to present the cooperation opportunities between Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe countries and the European Plate Observatory System (EPOS). Moreover, we intend to explore the opportunity to establish a Regional Partner Facility in the form of a transnational Institute network aimed at: 

  • further promoting collaborative research on solid earth science starting from the existing initiatives

  • facilitating the creation of new and additional partnerships, also in view of future Horizon Europe calls. 

In this regard, we invited CEI members to provide, during the Conference, a short overview on the state-of-the art of research in the field of solid earth science in their countries. Such brief presentation was focused on: 

  • infrastructures involved in research on solid earth sciences;

  • existing international collaborations in the field of solid earth sciences (including H2020 projects). 

Both political and scientific representative have been invited to join the Virtual Conference and discuss this new opportunity in the field of earth sciences with the attempt to consolidate the interactions between the levels of policy and research. 

Wednesday, 28
October 2020


09:30 - 09:45
Nicola Casagli (President of OGS, Italy), Roberto Antonione (Secretary General of CEI, Italy)


10:00 - 10:10
Stefano Parolai (OGS, Italy)


13:15 - 13:30
Stefano Parolai (OGS, Italy)